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younity lets you take and stream your GoPro video, wherever you are.

younity automatically discovers and catalogues all of your GoPro content from your Windows or Mac computers.

GoPros are amazing high-quality cameras that let us capture doing the things we love. With that high-quality though, comes large video files! Some of these may make it to Facebook or YouTube, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the rest. younity is the best way to Discover, Access and Share your GoPro content, no matter how much you have or where it is stored!


younity automatically discovers all of your GoPro videos.

When you install younity on your computers, it automatically discovers all your GoPro content no matter where you stored it. Don’t know where it even is? No worries - younity will find it and create a custom GoPro library for you!


Access GoPro content instantly.

Out at dinner with friends and want to show them some video? GoPro files are huge - far too big to be stored on your phone or uploaded online. With younity, you can browse all your GoPro content easily and stream it on-demand. No downloading or buffering. Playback starts in seconds and you can even use AirPlay to stream it to your TV!

Jeremy Pettit uses younity and GoPro when he’s shooting video
                 for companies like  Redbull, Burton, Mountain Dew,ESPN and
                 Adidas. I’ve got petabytes of video stored across countless hard drives and computers. younity is the only solution that lets me take it all with me, no matter where I am in the world.

Jeremy Pettit, Director/Filmmaker for Red Bull, Burton, ESPN and owner of Northside Productions.