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Younity streams DRM videos from your iTunes, legally

CNET, 7/7/2014

Unlike Home Sharing, Younity works even when you're not connected to your home network. And it requires no device storage. Looking to stream video from your computer to your iPhone or iPad? That's a good option if your device lacks the storage needed to hold your entire video library. There are plenty of solutions for doing that -- Plex and VLC Streamer come to mind -- but none of them can handle DRM-protected files. In other words, if you want to stream movies or TV shows purchased in iTunes, you're out of luck.

No thanks to Apple, iPhones and iPads can finally stream DRM videos from your iTunes library

Venture Beat, 7/1/2014

iTunes shows and movies are protected by digital rights management (DRM) software, which limits how people can share and view them. But thanks to a file-sharing startup, iTunes videos are getting Netflix-style streaming capabilities — and it’s 100 percent legal, the company claims. Entangled Media today updated its Younity iOS app, enabling your iPhone and iPad to stream videos stored on your computer’s iTunes library, no downloading or syncing required.

Younity Lets Anyone Turn Their Computers into a Music Cloud, 2/21/2014

Like many people these days, I do almost all of my music listening with streaming services — on-demand subscriptions, online radio, random things shared on social networks, and my collections and playlists on various services. Even then, I occasionally need to listen to something on my home computer — friends’ recordings, interviews, MP3 albums I’ve bought and left on one computer or another, and so on. Younity (free, iOS, Mac, and Windows) is as fast, slick, and simple a solution to that problem as we’ve seen.

No more syncing feeling with file portability service Younity

The Register, 1/9/2014

Younity bills itself as syncless file sharing software spread across all your Apple and Windows devices. What's this private cloud-style offering all about? It is provided by Entangled Media, whose co-founders are Erik Caso and Mike Abraham. The younity website says: “younity is about being able to spontaneously access any file you have at any time, without planning ahead.”

26 amazing startups you need to watch in 2014

VentureBeat, 12/31/2013

You might be forgiven for thinking 2013 was a year of redundant, me-too startups flailing around trying to come up with the best way to gamify wage slavery, deliver butt wipes to your door, or make a buck off the badly misnamed “sharing economy.” But we’re not here to tell you about all that.

Six Offbeat Cloud Services That Could Change Your Life

FastCompany, 12/25/2013

Though every cloud storage service wants to simplify and unify your digital life, it can seem like they're all just making things more fragmented. You have documents and maybe some photos in Drive, a mess of random files in Dropbox, and 7GB of music stored on an obscure cloud service that offered you a promotion once for 10GB free. If you really want to bring it all under one roof, or at least develop a cogent system for controlling the chaos, you need to make an informed choice so you get the features you want. And if you're trying to split off from the iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 pack you have to venture out into the wild a little bit. Browse our picks below and share your favorite cloud service in the comments if you love one we missed.

‘Hyperdata,’ ‘growth hacker,’ & other awful buzzwords that will rule in 2014

VentureBeat, 12/25/2013

Every year, Silicon Valley creates new buzzwords to make its startup founders, corporate spokespeople, and “thought leaders” feel like they’re doing something important. According to linguists, jargon proliferates in Silicon Valley’s tech scene faster than almost anywhere else.

Younity brings Snapchat-like capabilities to the rest of your files

PC World, 12/20/2013

Storing data in the cloud has a variety of benefits--most notably that it makes the data conveniently accessible from virtually anywhere and easy to share data without sending huge file attachments via email. Those perks come with some consequences as well, though, because storing data in the cloud exposes it to greater risk, and sharing it with others places it out of your control. Younity has a different approach.

Younity Accesses Files on Your PC or Mac from iPhone

LifeHacker, 12/14/2013

iPhone/Windows/Mac: When you need to access a file that's on your PC's hard drive without being anywhere near it, you better hope you have Younity installed on it and on your iPhone. This nifty app scans folders on your computer and lets you access them on your iPhone, without needing cloud storage space.

‘Younity’ is a Snapchat for everything

Boy Genius Report, 12/13/2013

Younity is a new service from Entangled Media that brings Snapchat-like sharing features that apply to all the possible files users would have on their mobile devices and PCs, all without the company seeing or storing any of them. While in Snapchat shared images and pictures are actually stored on the company’s servers, and users at the receiving end can still find ways to copy the content that’s briefly shared with them, Younity will only manage the connection between two devices.

Younity Adds Peer-to-peer File Sharing

Built in Colorado, 12/13/2013

Younity has announced today an added feature that will blow your mind. The ephemeral file sharing addition means that you can privately share files to all of your friends and steam on all of your devices.

Snapchat for everything: Younity rolls out ephemeral file-sharing

VentureBeat, 12/12/2013

With Snapchat, you can send self-deleting photos and videos to your friends. Younity can send anything. Using Younity’s share feature, which Younity app maker Entangled Media introduced today, you share music, videos, photos, and other kinds of files with other Younity users. But they can’t ever download those items — and you can decide to “unshare” the content at any time. Otherwise, files you share will automatically expire after seven days, avoiding some of the legal issues around sharing copyrighted content....

How To Share Files, Snapchat-Style

FastCompany, 12/12/2013

On Wednesday, a company called Younity released the beta version of something called Ephemeral File Sharing--think Snapchat for files. Users can share files with a self-destruct timer to a list of friends, with options to share read-only versions. The default timer expires after seven days, but files can be unshared at any time....

Younity unveils ephemeral file sharing, eliminates the need to revoke permissions

PandoDaily, 12/12/2013

This year may go down in history as the moment the world woke up and realized that privacy matters. Between the general horror expressed at revelations of pervasive NSA spying and the emergence and rapid adoption of ephemeral and anonymous messaging apps like Snapchat, Whisper, and Rumr, it’s obvious that consumers awareness of how and with whom they share their personal information is at an all-time high....

Erik Caso - younity (Entangled Media)

Daily Tekk, 10/1/2013

Most people would agree that consumer software is tricky, thus one of the biggest attributes to succeed in this space is a reasonable level of personal detachment. Obviously, you must have vision, passion and a deep understanding of your market and customer, but you must also know how to take yourself out of the equation so that your own opinion, and the opinions of an entire team, do not skew the outcome towards one’s self and not the market as a whole.

In Their Own Words: Entangled Media Cofounder And CEO Erik Caso

Forbes, 9/6/2013

Younity is one of my favorite apps. It addresses a need I recognized—a cross-platform, mobile, connected need to have access to my data without having to decide up front which files I might want access to—and it has been a lifesaver for me on a couple occasions. I decided to dig a little deeper, and pull back the curtain on Younity by interviewing Erik Caso, the co-founder and CEO of Entangled Media (the company that develops Younity), to learn more about what makes him tick and what led him to where he is now.

Startup of the Month: Younity - Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Built in Los Angeles, 8/27/2013

Tell us more about what Younity brings to the consumer and how this idea came about? In a nutshell, Younity makes all of your devices work as if they were one device. You can access every file you have: photos, music, playlists, videos and documents, from any device you own. The idea was really born out of necessity. Like most people, I am a multi-device user. If you think about it, over the last 10 years, virtually everyone has become a multi-device user. We used to compute for certain reasons right? You had to write a proposal or do something from a productivity standpoint, which drove people to use a computer for that specific reason. But it’s not like that anymore, you compute all day every day for all reasons now. We have these new mobile devices because computing is really something that is contextual. When you’re on the street you aren’t going to get out your laptop, and when you’re at home editing family photos and videos you don’t want to have to use your phone. You want to use the biggest computer you have with the biggest screen and the most horsepower and storage, so you use a desktop computer. Each of these devices is totally relevant to what we are doing at different times, but while we have all become multi-device users at the same time operating systems just stayed single device operating systems. They were built around what you do on a specific computer only.

First Look at Younity: Easily access your Windows and Mac files on an iOS device

The Next Web, 8/14/2013

File storage is a mess right now. Cloud storage services have stepped in to help, but the NSA’s surveillance programs has eroded much of the trust in the cloud just as users were starting to overcome their fears.

Younity App Maker Entangled Media Gets $3.5M From Crosslink, Lowercase Capital, And Others, 8/12/2013

Entangled Media, the startup behind the Younity app that lets you access all your content across multiple devices, has raised $3.54 million in funding from a star-studded syndicate of investors.

Younity gets $3.5M to unify content across devices

VatorNews, 8/12/2013

Recently, my husband and I got a Slingbox to watch our TV from our laptops while away from home. Why would we do this if most television shows and films are accessible online? Well, firstly - not everything is accessible (like local sports games) - which is why we have a Slingbox.

A First Look At Younity, The App That Lets You Access All Your Files All The Time, 7/26/2013

I went on a vacation to Iceland earlier this year, and took a ton of photos — it’s a beautiful country, and the light there is really unique. But to date, I haven’t showed them off to anyone. That’s because my Iceland photos are on my home computer’s hard drive, and I’ve been too busy (or lazy) to upload them all to the web. So when friends and family ask, “How was Iceland?” my response is, “Amazing. Someday I’ll get around to uploading those damn pictures.”

Younity 1.5 could render cloud storage obsolete

PCWorld, 4/26/2013

As we’ve become a more mobile society—working from virtually anywhere on our smartphones and tablets—we’ve also embraced various cloud storage and file sharing tools, so we can access and collaborate on our data. Younity has an entirely different approach, and it could make cloud storage obsolete.

Younity 1.5 Update Available Today | Extends The Personal Cloud to Facebook

TechZulu, 4/25/2013

Back in December, I informed you of the awesome capabilities of Younity and how utilizing its services can make your digital life easier. Younity, in case you missed the previous article, is a service much like Dropbox but removes the requirement of needing to place your personal data on a third party server. Well today, Younity strikes back with an update that provides plethora of useful new features to help you access, maintain and share your data.

Younity makes its limitless personal cloud service social, unshackling the files stored on all your devices

PandoDaily, 4/25/2013

Five months after launching its personal cloud service to the public, younity is back with a version 1.5 update that adds two highly requested features, as well as general performance upgrades. Younity gained popularity for its ability to sync an unlimited number of files between a user’s multiple connected devices for free. For example, the 100GB music collection on a user’s home computer can be streamed from their iPhone from around the world, as can the photos on their smartphone be viewed from a laptop while on the road.

How One New Service Is Tackling The Death Of The File System

Fast Company Labs, 4/25/2013

Migrating into the cloud is great--but which one? In an increasingly segmented, silo'd storage landscape, where is a developer team supposed to put their users' files? Younity believes they have patented the answer: A storage protocol that lets users forget about which file lives where.

younity Lets You Share Data Across All Your Devices Without Syncing

The Crosby Press, 3/11/2013

Apple has iCloud, but younity thinks it can convince you to make it your cloud and yours alone. The platform operates under the belief that you shouldn’t have to share a large puffy white mass with the rest of the Apple universe, and has just wheeled out an iPhone app that allows you — by some sort of wizard magic — to enjoy all the benefits of cloud-sharing, but without syncing.

Younity Makes All Your Files Available Everywhere You Need Them, 3/09/2013

We’ve all been there: You get to the office only to realize you left the document you were working on all night at home. Enter Younity, a service that attempts to make all of your files available on all your devices whenever you want them, with no need to intentionally sync those files to make them available.

The Cloud’s Dirty Little Secret, 2/14/2013

The cloud has a dirty little secret: It is expensive.
These days, it seems as soon as some new technology begins to gain traction, VCs and journalists herald the arrival of a new technological order. While these predictions often end up being true eventually, many of us are left aggravated that the status quo sticks around for so long. Perhaps no such case is as true as with the cloud. The cloud has, without question, resulted in truly revolutionary benefits to enterprises and consumers, but it always seems to be presented in a very autocratic way: Stop what you are doing, and do things a new way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always access your data from anywhere?

PCWorld, 1/18/2013

A business idea starts simply enough: You identify a need, and then you fill it. It seems that a number of innovative entrepreneurs have identified the need to access data from mobile devices no matter where it’s stored, and we’re seeing an explosion of solutions designed to address that need.

How Younity Is Unifying Your Files Across Devices, with Erik Caso, 12/19/2012

If you're like the typical device user today, you've got a smartphone, laptop, desktop, not to mention a dozen cloud accounts where you're storing your documents, music, video, and other files. How do you track where those files are? And how do you make sure you can access those files from anywhere? How about if it didn't matter where you stored those files, and they were available from anywhere?

Unify Your Devices: Younity Goes Public

TechZulu, 12/5/2012

Entangled Media has released their public beta to Younity, a new utility that provides spontaneous access to your data across devices. As mobile devices become both increasingly common and just as increasingly diverse, many are finding that keeping data synched between them to be a daunting and time consuming task. Younity’s new mobile product lets you bypass that hassle while offering several other benefits.

Younity Launches Beta Version of Personal Cloud Service

Technorati, 12/4/2012

Santa Monica based younity announced today the beta launch of it's unique personal cloud storage service designed to eliminate device to computer syncing and storage limitations for iPhones and iPads. Today marks the public beta launch of the app, which allows iPhone and iPad users to access all their music, videos, photos and other files from all laptops, desktops without any plugin, plugging in or syncing.

With Younity, access your PC's data from your iPhone or iPad

PC World, 12/4/2012

Move over iCloud, there’s a new app in town. Younity, a personal cloud service, launched a public beta today of its mobile app that enables iPhone and iPad users to access data seamlessly from Mac OS X or Windows PCs.

Younity launches as a personal cloud service

VatorNews, 12/4/2012

When I converted to a Mac in 2006, I did so in the future I could acces my content across all my Apple devices. But today, that's not really a reality. I still have content that resides solely on my iPhone or my iPad or my MacBook. I know there's ways to get around this. There's syncing my devices. And, there's the iCloud option, which has already hit max capacity. But those options, if not complicated, are time-consuming.

Startup cloud app Younity aims to take on iCloud

CNET, 12/4/2012

Software startup Entangled Media today released a new app, Younity, that lets iPhone users access all their files from any device without storing files in the cloud. It's like iCloud, which syncs all your Apple devices so you can access the files from any device, but without the syncing or the cloud.

Younity skips storage limits, making all your files available on all your devices

PandoDaily, 12/4/2012

Despite all the cloud storage and syncing solutions out there, most consumers still struggle with accessing all of their files across multiple devices. A big part of the problem is that the average user is said to have roughly one terabyte worth of files across all digital life (aka 1,024 gigabytes, or the equivalent of 250,000 standard digital photos or 128 video DVDs), a number that’s increasing rapidly. Even the best consumer-grade solutions to date have been best suited for a few dozen gigabytes of data at most.

Meet Younity, ‘cloudless’ personal cloud that doesn’t store your files online

The Next Web, 12/4/2012

Entangled Media, a company founded by Foundstone and Jabber alumni, has announced the public beta launch of its personal cloud service Younity, which is currently free of charge and does not store any of your files online.