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7 Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Cable TV

The days of having to pay for expensive cable or satellite TV are gone. Nowadays, there are a number of services and apps you can use in lieu of cable to instantly stream TV shows, movies, and other media. This mini guide to cord cutting will walk you through seven budget-friendly alternatives to cable TV so you can finally "cut the cord." According to Emarketer, in 2015 the number ...

Instagram on Your Computer

Want Instagram on Your Computer?

In case you didn't know- there's no such thing as Instagram for computers. I know, I'm sorry- it's a sad but true fact of life. If you're like a lot of Instagram users, you'd love to get Instagram on your computer. And I feel ya- it would be freaking great. But sadly, Instagram doesn't agree with our sentiment and expressly outlines here "you can't take or ...


The Most Bizarre Star Wars Licensed Merchandise Ever Made

We've all probably seen some pretty bizarre Star Wars licensed merchandise over the years, from misters to toothbrushes and even urns. Some are pretty awesome, like this sith-themed jacket or the stormtrooper-patterned Vans. In this article, we're going to be counting down the ten most strange, inappropriate or downright bizarre licensed products ever made. 10. C-3PO Office Collection by Sigma Starting off our list with a bang is the C-3PO office collection by ...

remote file sharing | filmmaker and surfer Leah Dawson

Why I Love younity For Remote File Sharing

What a world we live in!  As technology continues, and cameras now everywhere, the ability to easily share video files with others is now a reality, instead of a painful long process. The days of difficult remote file sharing are over (thank goodness :).  I've been a lifelong surfer, and have always looked for ways to express myself creatively.  My dad is a film producer, ...

Top 10 Apps for Photographers 2016

10 Best Apps for Photographers in 2016

With the new year, comes a new crop of photography apps! It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by the vast choices, and there’s nothing worse than rolling the dice and choosing a dud. Well, fret no more! I’ve done the work for you and sifted through the rubble to find the 10 best apps for photographers for most photography binds you find yourself in. 1. VSCO Cam ...


How to Love Your Apple TV and Hate iTunes, Successfully

Admit it, you’re not necessarily a fan of all Apple’s products. Some are life changers for sure – you’ll have to pry my iPhone out of my cold, dead hands. Others are maybe more, ‘meh’. iTunes falls into that latter category for a lot of people. While it was groundbreaking back in the day, these days it is more of an unkempt warehouse for Apple ...


Putting younity To The Test In Mongolia

Earlier this Summer I had a chance to go on a trip of a lifetime with some of my favorite people on the planet. We were headed to Northern Mongolia to find a nomadic reindeer tribe known as the Tsaatan people, living high above the alpine forest where their reindeer graze on the seamlessly never ending high plains grass. With Christmas coming up fast, I ...