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Are Photos Of My Kids Safe Online?

In our increasingly digital world, a complex decision you can face as a parent is whether you want to post photos of your kids online. Parents want to know: Are photos of my kids safe online? Are there potential consequences of posting photos of my children? How might this digital footprint

How to Access Your Files and Media On-The-Go

Picture the airport or train station terminal from the last time you traveled, what do you remember everyone doing?  More often than not, you saw travelers just like yourself with a device in hand.  It might be a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop, but chances are, most of them are catching a few

Top 5 FREE GoPro Apps

We love GoPros. They’re easy, fun, and just the thought of a GoPro makes us dream of adventure. Just think of all those cliffs you can base-jump off of. GoPros are awesome, but having the right apps can take your GoPro-ing to a new level. Check out our list of the Top 5 Free GoPro Apps. This is

How to Share iTunes Playlists

Friday night. You made the perfect summer playlist to accompany your fun-filled weekend ahead. The Beach Boys, Jack Johnson, Justin Timberlake, Bananarama- it’s all there. Don’t deny your love for Bananarama. Creating the essential summer playlist is just lovely, but what’s even better

younity Update – Apple Photos Support, High Quality Music Streaming, Share Music Playlists & Albums

We’re happy to announce some great enhancements to younity. As of today, you can listen to your music at its highest quality level, share your music albums and iTunes playlists with your friends, as well as access your photo albums from Apple’s new Photos app. Here’s a quick

Whoops, we had a little hiccup

I’m sorry to report that we had a small hiccup updating some of our younity servers and you may have been affected by this. On Tuesday, May 26, 2015, we deployed a minor update that went slightly awry, resulting in a very small number of users (several thousand) getting disconnected

Top 25 Wireless Speaker Systems!

If you are tuned in to search mode for your dream wireless speakers or hi-fi system, we have tracked down 25 systems that provide a range of specifications and prices to help you narrow down your choices. These were chosen based on three factors; reviews, price and features.   Emerging to the

Top 5 Media Streaming Apps

These days, most people have an amazing amount of music, video and photos on their computer. Over the years, we’ve bought, downloaded and created media, often spreading it across a few desktop computers, laptops, external hard drives and, more recently, online services. So how can you access

Top 5 Free Movie Streaming Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

 These are sites only. If you are interested in the Top 5 Media Streaming Apps, click here… younity fits into this picture by offering adaptive streaming of all your stored media files to any device. With our mobile app, you can stream media off of your computer to your TV with

Top File Sharing Apps For the “Snowden-esque”

In 2013, Edward Snowden unveiled the true reach and capture of the NSA’s data mining programs. Later that year, hackers stole 4.7 million user details, including phone numbers off of Snapchat servers. Over an eight-year period, hackers targeted chains, banks, payment processors stealing

Access & share your iPhoto albums through younity!

I have a lot of photos. So many, they’re stored on a few of my computers and an external hard drive. I’ve shot these with my various iPhones, point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs over the years. If you’re like me, you have probably tried several different ways to access these photos