New App Design and Website

Ooo… ahhh… woow! That’s what we hope to inspire when you see our new look. Or, at least a “pretty cool.” We’re excited to launch a brand new design for the younity app, and a new website to go with it! The app has the same navigation, we’ve just updated the design to bring it into 2016. If you don't have the new design yet, just ...


How to Access all Your Computers at Once on Your Apple TV

The new 4th generation Apple TV is out and to celebrate this beloved little streaming device, we partnered with to publish a series of awesome ways to hack your Apple TV with younity. And you don't have to be a tech whiz to pull off these hacks. All of our Apple TV hacks can be done with a couple taps of the younity app! Learn how ...

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Why younity Is My Secret Weapon For Instagram

As 8:00 a.m approaches, I’m tipped over a cup of coffee wondering what to post on Instagram. Naturally, I scroll through my inbox and check for images I’ve recently sent to myself, and prepare to download. Though they were labeled and in order when I sent them, they’re now scattered as attachments. Oh well. I download six images and find that two fail to show ...


Top Free File Sharing Apps

Peer-to-peer file sharing refers to the use of P2P networking technology to distribute and share digital media, such as books, movies, games, and music, to other users. This networking technology allows users to quickly locate content. When it comes to P2P file sharing apps, the main brands include Napster and BitTorrent. Here are a few of the top free file sharing apps that will allow you to ...


25 FREE App Alternatives to Plex Media Server

A media server is a device or software solution used to connect one or more devices together to stream the content to one or more devices. Some media servers (and related software) also allows users to organize their files, share content with friends and family (P2P), and upload media straight to their social media accounts. Typical prices for media servers range from $30 at the ...


Access All the Movies on Your Computer From Your iPhone or iPad

Do you have a lot of movies on your computer? Or family videos, or GoPro videos? Or maybe you have a bit of everything. A lot of us have a collection of video on our computers, and unfortunately we are seriously limited when it comes to accessing that video when we're away from our computer. Many people have pretty much accepted that if a video lives on a computer, ...


How to Connect Your iPhone and iPad to a PC or Mac

There are a few different ways to connect your iPhone and iPad to a PC or Mac. In this article we'll go over the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways to store, access, stream and share your media.   Connecting an iPhone or iPad Using a USB One of the quickest methods of connecting mobile devices to PCs and Mac computers is by plugging the device in with a USB charger cable. ...