Recently younity was featured in Huffington Post as one of three apps that will simplify your life while traveling. Here’s a quick overview with the full article below.

1. PackPoint – packing assistant. You tell Packpoint where you are going, for how long and the activities you will be doing and it tells you what to pack. Simple and helpful.

2. younity – gives you the ability to access files stored on your home or work computer so that you can easily travel without anyone knowing you aren’t at your desk.  It also makes it easy to share your videos, photos and even music on-the-go.

3. Trover – exploration app created by the minds behind Expedia. Trover uses GPS to discover events and other fun things around you which takes the difficulty out of being at the right place at the right time.

Huffington Post travel apps

Sara Graham of Huffington Post writes:

Never fails. After every trip I get wind of some brand new smartphone app that would have made my life easier (or my suitcase lighter). Whether it’s destination planning, sharing photos on-the-go, or allowing for a more fluid work flow, here are three amazing new apps you can use to improve life on the go.

Starting with the most annoying of tasks — packing. Generating a bespoke bundle of of the things one should pack, PackPoint is not another checklist builder. All I need to do is enter the destination, dates, as well as the purpose of the trip…and voila! From there I can edit my agenda to include “morning run,” “casual dinner out” and “business meeting” and this handy app tells me what to make room for.

On the go and want access to your media and files stored at home? younity, the personal cloud streaming service is proving to be infinitely useful. Why? Imagine all your devices working as if they were a single device — allowing access to any file, anytime. younity has made this a reality. Install it on your computers and your music collection, photo albums and video libraries are all there on your iPhone or iPad, regardless of storage. I can show friends in Toronto all of my epic New Zealand panoramas and videos (big files too large for the phone) even when I don’t have my laptop with me.

Need one of those images for #FlashbackFriday? No problem. I can easily find the file and post it to Instagram. For those travelling with GoPro cameras, younity is a fantastic way to privately share (peer-to-peer) your videos with family and friends around the world. It’s like a digital Swiss Army knife, I can stream my favorite iTunes playlist on the Metro, watch a movie from home at the hotel, print a document at any nearby printer, or email any file at any time. So simple to use and free for any amount of data.

Available for iPhone and Android, Trover was created by the same minds behind Expedia. This “exploration app” helps users discover what’s happening around them by using enhanced geo-location technology to curate the best of nearby locations. This app is going to come in handy for taking on Rome during the winter holidays. Taking into account that my partner lived there years ago, navigating one of the world’s most beautifully chaotic cities will be a breeze.


BGR Boy Genius Report younity Snapchat

Labeling new products is almost a national pastime. Most often, the goal is to provide some point of reference, so you can quickly know what a product does. So when Boy Genius Report labeled younity the “Snapchat for everything,” we couldn’t help buy be flattered and impressed. Snapchat is an amazing company that is pioneering a new form of communication and achieving unbelievable growth. younity is built around much of the same concern – that our data remains ours, even when we share it. When file sharing with younity, you never need to worry about us getting hacked and losing your files – we don’t have access to or store your files ever. Furthermore, when you share a file with a friend via younity, it is shared entirely peer-to-peer between you and that person. You can un-share it anytime and we never store it online. We love building younity, so we’re likely biased. Perhaps it’s best to let BGR do what they do best – tell you about us in their own words.

younity is free. To learn more or download the desktop software and mobile app, head over to

As posted originally on Boy Genius Report, written by Chris Smith.

‘Younity’ is a Snapchat for everything.

Younity is a new service from Entangled Media that brings Snapchat-like sharing features that apply to all the possible files users would have on their mobile devices and PCs, all without the company seeing or storing any of them. While in Snapchatshared images and pictures are actually stored on the company’s servers, and users at the receiving end can still find ways to copy the content that’s briefly shared with them, Younity will only manage the connection between two devices.

A person would be able to share any files with friends and family, including video and music, but the users at the receiving end would not be able to actually download anything. Furthermore, the actual sharing expires after a period of time, and can be stopped at any time. As for copyright or privacy-related concerns, it appears there aren’t any.

“It’s the equivalent of me playing a CD in your car,” Entangled Media CEO and cofounder Eric Caso told VentureBeat. “You can listen to a song, but you can’t download it. You can only go buy it, and I can unshare it at any time.” As for the data that’s transmitted, the company doesn’t do anything with it. “We can’t see it; we can’t describe it; we can’t touch it.”

The app works on a variety of devices, integrates with other services including Dropbox and is free to use, at least for the time being. But interestingly, the Snapchat-like feature is only one aspect of Younity, as the service is not just a clone of the popular photo messaging application that works with all kinds of files.

Instead, Younity has other more important features that users may appreciate more than the ability of sharing content with friends, and that’s accessing all one’s files on any registered device. Younity is basically a personal cloud service that will let users access from any device on their accounts – including smartphones, tablets and PCs – files stored on any connected and powered on device that’s also on their accounts. That’s a very important detail: all devices must be turned on and linked to each other via an active Internet connection for the service to work.

The only thing that the company collects is metadata about the files stored on registered devices, so the users can later find the files they’re looking for. As for the P2P transfers between devices, these are are done over SSL, whether it’s the streaming of data or download of files in order to access them locally during offline periods.

younity lifehacker access files

Lifehacker is a great site that covers all sorts of topics aimed at making our lives easier, not least of which is how to access files when we are on the go. However, file access means different things to different people. To some, it means they can access their Word docs, Excel spreadsheet and PDFs. To others, it means streaming that GoPro video stored on your home computer to your TV, or listening to an iTunes playlist in your car, or watching a movie on your iPad while you’re traveling. younity was designed around simple, easy access to all your content no matter what device it is stored on. Does your household have a few laptops and a desktop, with content spread across each? younity was built for you. No uploading, no storage limits, no magic folders. Just grab your phone or tablet and access any file within seconds. younity gives you one simple view to access everything you have no matter where it is stored – whether it be a computer or an online service like Dropbox. Most importantly, and uniquely, however, is that younity lets you browse all those media libraries – things like your iTunes playlists/genres/etc., your iPhoto or Lightroom photo albums, and your video libraries. These days, there are lots of products and services out there to consider, each has its own merit. We built younity to fill the gaps around those when it comes to media libraries, which are generally ignored in favor of file syncing. Of course, this is us talking about something we built, so you might take that with a grain of salt. Here is Lifehacker’s take on using younity to access files on your computer when you’re on the go.

younity is free. To learn more or download the desktop software and mobile app, head over to

Lifehacker + younity = awesome!

As posted originally on Lifehacker, written by Mihir Patkar.

iPhone/Windows/Mac: When you need to access a file that’s on your PC’s hard drive without being anywhere near it, you better hope you have Younity installed on it and on your iPhone. This nifty app scans folders on your computer and lets you access them on your iPhone, without needing cloud storage space.

Install and sign into Younity and point it to folders on your hard drive. It creates a list of all the files (including subfolders). Sign into Younity on your iPhone and it will show you this file list on your phone, which you can browse in a simple explorer. If you want to access any file, tap it and Younity will stream it to your phone. You can also choose to download or batch-download certain files. It’s simple and works flawlessly.

Younity also automatically sorts music, photo and video files. Plus, you can search for any file. There are also options to share a file with friends, although you will need to download the file to your iPhone for that.

The best part is that it doesn’t take any space on your iPhone to keep that huge file list, nor You can check how much space Younity is taking in the settings, along with an option to use or not use cellular data. Hit the link to try it out.

Streaming is all the rage these days, right? But how can you stream your own video, like all that GoPro video stored on your computer, to your iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry, younity has you covered when you want to find, stream or share that killer GoPro video – even when you are nowhere near the computer it is stored on.

GoPro App iTunes Stream Share Chat younity

First, install younity on your home computer. It will scan your computer hard drive (including external hard drives if you tell it to) for all your files. Once it’s done (how long depends on how much content you have), install the younity mobile app on your phone and tablet. When you open the mobile app for the first time, it will download all the metadata about your files – this is peer-to-peer between your computer and your mobile device, we don’t store anything online. When all your metadata is downloaded (maybe 2-3 minutes), you can browse all your content from all your computer in one simply app. Best of all, younity figures out which of your video was shot with your GoPro and makes a convenient library of all that content for you to browse (this is helpful if your content gets spread across lots of different folders or computers).

Here are some quick tips:

— If you renamed your files, you can easily search them in the GoPro section or the main menu’s Search option.

— younity will grab the first frame and put it next to each file so you can recognize your videos more easily.

— If you have an Apple TV, you can stream your video to your mobile device, then push it to a TV via AirPlay.

— If you install younity on more than one computer, all the content is unified on your iPhone/iPad as if it were on one single computer.

— you can browse your GoPro video from the Videos section or by folders if you go to the Files section.

— Not only can you stream it to your device, you can share it with your friends privately if you want.

GoPro video takes up a lot of storage, so much so that I’d never put it on my iPhone or iPad, where I manage storage like it is a rare and precious commodity. The problem is made worse though when you consider that not only are GoPro files large, GoPro owners tend to have a lot of them. Often times though, I’m out with friends or family and I want to show them some of my video, so how can I get access to it when I’m on the go. While a small amount of my edited video makes it to YouTube or Vimeo, the vast majority of it stays on my computer. With younity, I can access all my GoPro video (or any other type of content) easily, securely and on-demand.

Not only does younity let you browse, stream and share your GoPro video, it does the same for all your music, photos, videos and movies. Check it out for free at

GoPro app video stream

Ever wish all that GoPro video sitting on your home computer could easily be shared with your friends? Us too. That’s why we built younity to discover all of your GoPro video on your computers and catalogue it in the younity app. That means you can easily share all that GoPro video (just like the rest of your music, photos, videos and docs) privately with any of your friends with just a few clicks.

If you’re like the rest of us, that GoPro video often gets spread around a bunch of places – different directories, external hard drives, etc. Much of the time, it’s hard to even find where you put it all! Don’t worry though, when you install younity on your computer it will automatically find all the video you shot with a GoPro and make a special catalogue of just that content. That way, you can easily open up the younity app on your phone or tablet, pick the video(s) you want to share, then pick the friend(s) you want to share with. You can even include a private message to them about what you are sharing and they can chat back with you from within younity.

You may notice we use the words private and secure a lot. That’s because all your streaming and sharing is peer-to-peer. Your GoPro video, or any other file, is NEVER stored online – we don’t store it or have access to it. younity is about you having your own cloud, built from your devices, so you can always access your content privately. How well does it work? Even professional film makers like Jeremy Pettit are using younity to access their video! So the next time you get back from a trip or an adventure, feel free to share all those big GoPro videos with your friends. Download younity now and have access to all your content, all the time.

#TBT:  younity co-founder and CEO Erik Caso with Marty Cooper at CTIA Innovation 2014.

#TBT Inventor Handheld mobile phone

Martin Cooper (@MartyMobile), the “father of the cell phone” spent some time with the younity team while at CTIA Supermobility Week.  It was amazing to learn about how Marty and the Motorola team pioneered the introduction of the cell phone in the 1970′s.  We had the opportunity to show Marty what the younity team has been working on, and he was definitely impressed by the mobile innovation.  While Marty had conceived of the wonders of voice traveling millions of miles via wireless, he was astonished at how the wireless boundaries are being pushed with file sharing, and streaming video and music.



Unlimited Storage iphone, ipad, ipod
Every time Apple announces a new iPhone, we are faced with the inevitable questions: “Should I upgrade?” and “How many GB worth of storage should I get?”   Lets face it, you pretty much have to upgrade, because you start to think that your iPhone is not fast enough or that your battery life is not as good as when you bought your last iPhone; a whole year ago. So the real question is: “Do I need to spend the extra $200 to go from a 16 GB phone to a 128 GB phone?” Well, the answer is, “No you don’t.”

One of the biggest issues that iPhone users complain about is that the storage on the phone is always full.  The Apple solution at this point, is to spend more money on iCloud.  Another issue, is that users rarely sync their phones and can’t access their new content (movies, music playlist, etc…) from their computers. To many of us, our iPhone is only as good as the content, apps and access to people and information you care about. If you can no longer create new content (taking photos or videos) or add more information (accessing movies and music from your other devices) to it, your experience becomes frustrating and boring.

This is where younity comes into play. younity gives you unlimited access from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, to ALL of the files you have stored on your computers and cloud services, without imposing any limits.  younity works seamlessly with both Mac or Windows computers.  Every movie, video, song, playlist, photo, and library is instantly streamed from your computer to your iOS. It doesn’t matter how many devices you have, cloud or storage services you use, or where those devices are located.

You will never have to think about syncing your iPhone to get new music, movies, home videos, photos or documents because younity unifies your content across all your devices.  With younity, your iPhone believes all of your files are stored on the iPhone even when they might be stored on your office desktop, your laptop or a hard drive connected to one of those devices.

Give your iOS devices unlimited storage now:

  • Simply install younity on your computers by selecting the download buttons on our website (
  • Create an account with your preferred email and younity will start to scan all of your files and make them available to all of your iOS devices in only a few minutes.  (younity does all of the work and makes sure that new files become automatically available. You never have to manage anything)
  • From your iOS device, download the younity mobile app from our website or by simply visiting iTunes and searching for “younity.” Log into the mobile app with the same account information.
  • Open the mobile app and younity will populate your iOS device with all of your files and media.
  • Now you can instantly access your files.  Invite friends and privately share. Chat about your files too!



Recent news of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch helped move the topic of conversation away from user privacy and iCloud hacking. Unfortunately, out of sight doesn’t mean that the threat is gone. Since we’ll never stop having fun and capturing photos of great moments, we should be aware of a couple of things now that our lives are increasingly digital and accessible online to others. You’re not always going to have control of the photos that others take of you, but you do have control of the pictures that you take with your own cameras; and more importantly where you store them. Do yourself a favor and learn from the mistakes that many celebrities made a few weeks ago by not storing sensitive information, photos and videos in “The Cloud.” Here are a few of the differences between storing your images in the cloud vs. storing them on your device. It is a great reference on how you can better control and access your photos without putting them at risk of being leaked to the world.Image Credit: CloudTweaks

Stream Share Chat with younityWith younity, private file sharing means you can share any file stored on your computer with anyone you know – it’s all streamed peer-to-peer and only you and your friend(s) know about it. In the past, however, if you wanted to chat about those files you had to leave younity and head over to your chat app. Not anymore. younity now includes private group chat, so you can share movies, photos and music with your friends and chat about them all within younity. How can you take advantage of this new awesomeness? It’s easy – here are the simple steps to share your favorite movies or GoPro videos, music and photos now:

1) Find the file(s) or folder(s) of files you want to share, select the Download/Share button (lower left of screen) and select “Share”.

2) Pick your friend(s) from your contacts list of Friends List.

3) Insert a custom message – your friend will see this in the email they get and “notification” on their phone, so have it be something about what you are sharing and why they should check it out (the only other information they get is the file name, so this helps them a lot).

4) Chat away! When your friend opens your share, they can view it and then use the chat bubbles in younity to have a private group chat with whomever you shared the file with. You’ll get a notification on your phone each time someone responds.

All chats disappear when the share is un-shared or expires. If you’re on a group chat and don’t want to follow the conversation, you can simply use the “Remove” button up top (or slide the shared file to the left) and remove yourself from the share and the conversation.

We love this feature, because you can now share your favorite things with only the friends you choose. Unlike YouTube or Facebook, younity is for private file sharing and is just between you and the friends you choose. They can’t download or re-share your files and you are always in control – you can un-share at any time. These files can be any size (perfect for those big GoPro videos) and any duration.

Don’t forget, you can share any file – even a file on a computer when you are away from it. younity never stores your shared files online – it is streamed peer-to-peer from you to your friend.

Install younity on your computers and smartphone/tablet now and to Stream, Share and Chat all your music, video, photos and files!

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