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Access Music Stored On Your Computer From Your iPhone or iPad

One thing about music is consistent- people love it. Everything else in the music world has been a frequently-changing evolution. Music styles are always evolving, there’s a constant stream of new and emerging artists, and the format of how we listen to music has been in major flux in the

Access All the Movies on Your Computer From Your iPhone or iPad

Do you have a lot of movies on your computer? Or family videos, or GoPro videos? Or maybe you have a bit of everything. A lot of us have a collection of video on our computers, and unfortunately we are seriously limited when it comes to accessing that video when we’re away from our computer.

younity and Trace Surf Tech Giveaway

It’s summertime and surf’s up! At younity we’re really into awesome technology and we’re really into surfing. Put the two together and we’re in surf tech heaven. To celebrate our love of tech and surfing we’ve teamed up with Trace and MyGo for a super rad summer giveaway. This package

How To Stream Your iTunes Music Without Apple Music

Apple products are beloved around the world. The technology, design, and overall innovation in Apple products are pretty darn fantastic. Unfortunately, Apple Music has turned out to be un-fantastic… and music-lovers have noticed. Jim Dalrymple, a well-known Apple fan and founder of The

Getting Started With younity: Top Set Up FAQs

Thanks for signing up for younity! We’re excited to have you onboard, and even more excited for you to experience a new level of access to your stuff. Need some help getting started with younity? You’re in the right place. Here are some common questions we get: How do I set up younity? The

How to Set Up younity

There’s a ton of awesome things you can do with younity, but first things first- we’re going to take you through how to set up younity. The set-up process is super easy, it just takes a couple of steps to connect your devices. Step 1: Install younity on your desktop (or laptop) If

How To Access All your Music on Your iPhone Without Wifi

Have you ever had problems accessing music on your phone when you’re without wifi or a cell phone signal? iPhone limitations be gone! We’re giving you the lowdown on how to access your music without wifi or a cell phone signal. We’ve all been there- hanging out with

How to Access All Your Music From Everywhere on the Fourth

At younity we’re really into making your life better. Fourth of July is around the corner, and since we’re super patriotic over here (‘Merica!), we want to make sure you can blast the Boss at the beach, at the lake, in your friend’s backyard, and everywhere else. So in

Surf Photography For Beginners: 6 Tips You Need to Know

Local surf photographer Mike Farkas stopped by to share his wisdom on 6 tips you need to know if you want to get your feet wet in the realm of surf photography. From growing up in the water in Marin County to shooting rippable waves all over the California coast, surf photographer Mike Farkas knows

Are Photos Of My Kids Safe Online?

In our increasingly digital world, a complex decision you can face as a parent is whether you want to post photos of your kids online. Parents want to know: Are photos of my kids safe online? Are there potential consequences of posting photos of my children? How might this digital footprint
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