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Ever wish all that GoPro video sitting on your home computer could easily be shared with your friends? Us too. That’s why we built younity to discover all of your GoPro video on your computers and catalogue it in the younity app. That means you can easily share all that GoPro video (just like the rest of your music, photos, videos and docs) privately with any of your friends with just a few clicks.

If you’re like the rest of us, that GoPro video often gets spread around a bunch of places – different directories, external hard drives, etc. Much of the time, it’s hard to even find where you put it all! Don’t worry though, when you install younity on your computer it will automatically find all the video you shot with a GoPro and make a special catalogue of just that content. That way, you can easily open up the younity app on your phone or tablet, pick the video(s) you want to share, then pick the friend(s) you want to share with. You can even include a private message to them about what you are sharing and they can chat back with you from within younity.

You may notice we use the words private and secure a lot. That’s because all your streaming and sharing is peer-to-peer. Your GoPro video, or any other file, is NEVER stored online – we don’t store it or have access to it. younity is about you having your own cloud, built from your devices, so you can always access your content privately. How well does it work? Even professional film makers like Jeremy Pettit are using younity to access their video! So the next time you get back from a trip or an adventure, feel free to share all those big GoPro videos with your friends. Download younity now and have access to all your content, all the time.

#TBT:  younity co-founder and CEO Erik Caso with Marty Cooper at CTIA Innovation 2014.

#TBT Inventor Handheld mobile phone

Martin Cooper (@MartyMobile), the “father of the cell phone” spent some time with the younity team while at CTIA Supermobility Week.  It was amazing to learn about how Marty and the Motorola team pioneered the introduction of the cell phone in the 1970′s.  We had the opportunity to show Marty what the younity team has been working on, and he was definitely impressed by the mobile innovation.  While Marty had conceived of the wonders of voice traveling millions of miles via wireless, he was astonished at how the wireless boundaries are being pushed with file sharing, and streaming video and music.



Unlimited Storage iphone, ipad, ipod
Every time Apple announces a new iPhone, we are faced with the inevitable questions: “Should I upgrade?” and “How many GB worth of storage should I get?”   Lets face it, you pretty much have to upgrade, because you start to think that your iPhone is not fast enough or that your battery life is not as good as when you bought your last iPhone; a whole year ago. So the real question is: “Do I need to spend the extra $200 to go from a 16 GB phone to a 128 GB phone?” Well, the answer is, “No you don’t.”

One of the biggest issues that iPhone users complain about is that the storage on the phone is always full.  The Apple solution at this point, is to spend more money on iCloud.  Another issue, is that users rarely sync their phones and can’t access their new content (movies, music playlist, etc…) from their computers. To many of us, our iPhone is only as good as the content, apps and access to people and information you care about. If you can no longer create new content (taking photos or videos) or add more information (accessing movies and music from your other devices) to it, your experience becomes frustrating and boring.

This is where younity comes into play. younity gives you unlimited access from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, to ALL of the files you have stored on your computers and cloud services, without imposing any limits.  younity works seamlessly with both Mac or Windows computers.  Every movie, video, song, playlist, photo, and library is instantly streamed from your computer to your iOS. It doesn’t matter how many devices you have, cloud or storage services you use, or where those devices are located.

You will never have to think about syncing your iPhone to get new music, movies, home videos, photos or documents because younity unifies your content across all your devices.  With younity, your iPhone believes all of your files are stored on the iPhone even when they might be stored on your office desktop, your laptop or a hard drive connected to one of those devices.

Give your iOS devices unlimited storage now:

  • Simply install younity on your computers by selecting the download buttons on our website (
  • Create an account with your preferred email and younity will start to scan all of your files and make them available to all of your iOS devices in only a few minutes.  (younity does all of the work and makes sure that new files become automatically available. You never have to manage anything)
  • From your iOS device, download the younity mobile app from our website or by simply visiting iTunes and searching for “younity.” Log into the mobile app with the same account information.
  • Open the mobile app and younity will populate your iOS device with all of your files and media.
  • Now you can instantly access your files.  Invite friends and privately share. Chat about your files too!



Recent news of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch helped move the topic of conversation away from user privacy and iCloud hacking. Unfortunately, out of sight doesn’t mean that the threat is gone. Since we’ll never stop having fun and capturing photos of great moments, we should be aware of a couple of things now that our lives are increasingly digital and accessible online to others. You’re not always going to have control of the photos that others take of you, but you do have control of the pictures that you take with your own cameras; and more importantly where you store them. Do yourself a favor and learn from the mistakes that many celebrities made a few weeks ago by not storing sensitive information, photos and videos in “The Cloud.” Here are a few of the differences between storing your images in the cloud vs. storing them on your device. It is a great reference on how you can better control and access your photos without putting them at risk of being leaked to the world.Image Credit: CloudTweaks

Stream Share Chat with younityWith younity, private file sharing means you can share any file stored on your computer with anyone you know – it’s all streamed peer-to-peer and only you and your friend(s) know about it. In the past, however, if you wanted to chat about those files you had to leave younity and head over to your chat app. Not anymore. younity now includes private group chat, so you can share movies, photos and music with your friends and chat about them all within younity. How can you take advantage of this new awesomeness? It’s easy – here are the simple steps to share your favorite movies or GoPro videos, music and photos now:

1) Find the file(s) or folder(s) of files you want to share, select the Download/Share button (lower left of screen) and select “Share”.

2) Pick your friend(s) from your contacts list of Friends List.

3) Insert a custom message – your friend will see this in the email they get and “notification” on their phone, so have it be something about what you are sharing and why they should check it out (the only other information they get is the file name, so this helps them a lot).

4) Chat away! When your friend opens your share, they can view it and then use the chat bubbles in younity to have a private group chat with whomever you shared the file with. You’ll get a notification on your phone each time someone responds.

All chats disappear when the share is un-shared or expires. If you’re on a group chat and don’t want to follow the conversation, you can simply use the “Remove” button up top (or slide the shared file to the left) and remove yourself from the share and the conversation.

We love this feature, because you can now share your favorite things with only the friends you choose. Unlike YouTube or Facebook, younity is for private file sharing and is just between you and the friends you choose. They can’t download or re-share your files and you are always in control – you can un-share at any time. These files can be any size (perfect for those big GoPro videos) and any duration.

Don’t forget, you can share any file – even a file on a computer when you are away from it. younity never stores your shared files online – it is streamed peer-to-peer from you to your friend.

Install younity on your computers and smartphone/tablet now and to Stream, Share and Chat all your music, video, photos and files!

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Today is iPhone 6 pre-order day! If you’re like a lot of people, you’re excited to get Apple’s new hotness as soon as it’s available. The big question is always, which iPhone 6 to buy and how much storage to pay for? It’s good to see Apple isn’t gouging us as much as they previously did for more storage, but if you’re frugal you probably want to save as much money as possible on your new toy. We have good news, if you feel that you can’t pay the extra $100 or $200 for the higher storage versions, you can always use younity to give your iPhone 6 unlimited storage. Since the average person has over 1TB of files/content, you’ll be out of luck getting all those files on any version of the new iPhone. But even if you get the most affordable 16GB version, younity will let you carry around all your music, photos, videos and files. Best of all, you’ll never need to sync your phone again to get your favorite content on it!

younity will let you post photos on your computer to Instagram, discover/catalogue and stream your GoPro videos, unify all the iTunes accounts/libraries in your house, create your own music cloud/streaming service, and share any file privately with your friends (you can even chat about the file with them). You can even stream movies bought on iTunes, just like Netflix! So rest easy knowing that you’re covered no matter what option you choose.

Best of 2014 CTIA

CTIA gave 40 Startups the opportunity to showcase their products and services at this week’s 2014 CTIA’s Super Mobility Week. We are proud to have been a finalist at the Startup Lab event, and appreciate the opportunity to be part of this Inaugural event.  While Apple continues to steal the show with its new iPhones and iProducts, the CTIA team has recognized that its critical to showcase innovative solutions from around the world.

We’d like to congratulate all of the finalists, but also highlight the “Best of”, so that you can learn a bit more about these products that you should be using.

younity - Yes, we are honored to be one of the startups selected!  We unveiled our new chat feature that lets you chat with your friends when you share Movies, Music and Photos.  Keep Streaming, Sharing and Chatting with your younity personal cloud.

Box Score Games – Box Score Games creates interactive mobile applications around live sporting events to enrich fans experience.

KarismaKidz -Toys and games that develop emotional intelligence in children.

Symptomly – Clinically validated symptom tracking platform for insurers, doctors, and patients, to reduce the costs of chronic illness.

AnchorFree – VPN for Wi-fi hotspots.

OpenGarden – Open Garden allows all devices (including smart phones, tablets, laptops and “wearables”) to work together and find the best connections at any time. The more people use it, the better it gets.

Wickr – Messenger app with military-grade encryption.

FreedomPop -100% Free Mobile Phone & High Speed Internet Service.

Please give these companies a look.  We agree with the CTIA judges and were very impressed by this group of winners.  We are certain that you will find them innovative and useful as well.


The younity Team!

2014 CTIA Startup LabWhether you are Samsung, Verizon or the hottest mobile startup at the CTIA 2104 Conference in Las Vegas, all news was overshadowed by Apple’s Announcement Livestream featuring the new iPhone 6, Apple Watch and Apple Pay. While we are just as excited about Apple’s latest releases, there are several companies at CTIA 2014 Startup Lab being featured at Super Mobility Week’s Innovation and Inspiration hall that we think are worth looking at.

Open Garden, geared towards the consumer market, allows all devices (including smart phones, tablets, laptops and “wearables”) to seamlessly share internet. As more people connect, the Open Garden network gets stronger.

Hook Mobile is focused on businesses looking to quickly and effectively connect with potential consumers.  Their robust text messaging platform allows software and app developers to grow their user base via SMS user acquisition and activation programs.

Business Texter helps businesses connect with their customers with their two-way SMS marketing platform. Not only is it cost-effective and easy to setup, it doesn’t require short codes.

Wickr, thePeer-2-Peer Encrypted Messaging App for consumers, allows you to send encrypted text, chats and email with military grade privacy.

Freedom Pop - Like younity, is a Los Angeles-based startup. They are disrupting the way consumers purchase connected devices and access the internet. They offer inexpensive and free pricing packages that will surely cut into Internet Service Providers like Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS .

ZipWhip makes any phone number text message compatible.  This means that longstanding numbers associated with landlines or 800 numbers can become interactive and engage with users on multiple levels.

Later today, we’lll discover who the winner of CTIA 2014 Startup Lab for Super Mobility Week is. We wish all of the 40 finalists good luck. We’ll post the winners on our blog tomorrow.


Christina Warren wrote a great article on Mashable Friday about actually trying to replicate the recent iCloud hacks that resulted in over 100 celebrities having private photos stolen and published online. I don’t know Christina. While I assume she is very bright, I’ve never seen information security specialist in her bio. The fact that it took her just moments to break into her own iCloud account, allegedly using similar techniques as the hacker(s) responsible for the recent iCloud breech, just goes to show you the state of Internet [in]security. It should give us all pause to think about what should go online and what should not (a recent topic we covered here). She describes the process in great detail:

Curious (and a bit concerned), I decided to figure out how this software works and try to theorize just how easy it would be for anyone to do their part to break into an iCloud account. My initial target was myself, though I soon found that it would be remarkably easy to use this type of software to access the iCloud backups of my colleagues, my spouse and many of my family members.

My co-founder and I both spent a good part of our former lives in the information security world, building some very successful technologies. There was one thing I learned along the way – everything can be hacked. While it may sound like hyperbole, it must be understood that essentially all computer data can be hacked. Not some of it or even most of it. All computer data can be hacked. A competent hacker can break into damn near anything, given the time and determination to do so. Don’t believe me? Consider the US government spends billions of dollars per year and employs thousands and thousands of highly educated and trained experts that work night and day to secure our nation’s data. Sadly, they fail continuously. They don’t fail because they are incompetent, far from it – these men and women working to secure our nation are brilliant, hard working and very very good at what they do. They fail because the Internet was built for fun – not security. The deck is stacked against them.

For just $200, and a little bit of luck, I was able to successfully crack my own iCloud password and use EPPB to download my entire iCloud backup from my iPhone.

In the case of your personal data, there is a lot you can do to secure it because you are not as attractive a target as government secrets. However, that process starts by understanding what you should and should not use the Internet for. If you accept that online security is not perfectly attainable, you’ll begin to understand that we can’t just rely on our products and services to keep things private and secure. Such is the sad state of Internet security. In the meantime, head over to Mashable and check out Christina’s experience putting this to the test. After that, make sure you know what you put into the public cloud (iCloud) vs. what you keep in your personal cloud.


HookBuzz has been producing amazing video and photos of their high seas adventures.  dSLRs, GoPros, hooks and younity are part of their daily tools.  Look for the amazing photos they are posting to Instagram with younity’s new post directly to Instagram feature.  We look forward to seeing the Hookbuzz team continue to share video and more.

We will continue to a feature more amazing adventures that are being shared via younity!  If you’d like to be featured and share video, photos or your story, please contact us