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How to Connect Your iPhone and iPad to a PC or Mac

There are a few different ways to connect your iPhone and iPad to a PC or Mac. In this article we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways to store, access, stream and share your media.   Connecting an iPhone or iPad Using a USB One of the quickest methods

How To Setup a Home Media Server

In our digital landscape, unless you’re living under a rock you’re probably accumulating a lot of files and media on several different computing devices in your household. Having all our media spread out over several different devices is workable, but something that could take your

6 Ways to Access Your Computer Remotely

Accessing and managing your media from a remote location doesn’t have to be a headache — as long as you have a good remote desktop tool. While you could use a service like LogMeIn to access all your files remotely, a service like that isn’t always free, and it isn’t the

5 Reasons to Setup a Home Media Server

With all of our gadgets, cameras, video recorders and apps in modern times, storage space on personal devices often comes at a premium. Not only do we find ourselves filling external hard drives and flash drives to the brim, but we become slaves to the cache, clearing as much temporary data as

Access Documents Stored On Your Computer From Your iPhone or iPad

In our digital age, it’s not uncommon to bounce between four or five computing devices a day. We go from our mobile phones to work computers to home laptops to home desktops to iPads and back again! Whew- that’s a lot of run-around. And what can be even more exhausting is trying to

How To Play GoPro Videos On Your iPhone

We love GoPros. GoPros have made it easier than ever to film videos in almost any situation. Thank goodness we finally have a way to film extreme videos of ourselves kayaking off of 100-foot waterfalls, surfing 20-foot barrels, and wingsuit flying. Ok, so maybe we’re not all

How to Access My Computer From My Phone

Accessing the files on your computer from your phone while you’re away from it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are a number of ways you can access all of the files stored on your computer using only your mobile device. We’ll go over a few different access

Access Music Stored On Your Computer From Your iPhone or iPad

One thing about music is consistent- people love it. Everything else in the music world has been a frequently-changing evolution. Music styles are always evolving, there’s a constant stream of new and emerging artists, and the format of how we listen to music has been in major flux in the

Access All the Movies on Your Computer From Your iPhone or iPad

Do you have a lot of movies on your computer? Or family videos, or GoPro videos? Or maybe you have a bit of everything. A lot of us have a collection of video on our computers, and unfortunately we are seriously limited when it comes to accessing that video when we’re away from our computer.
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